Acha catchup na pizza um pecado? Redonda com mostarda veio para chocar

Da Universa

06/09/2018 14h32

É hora de superar a discussão sobre catchup na pizza, Brasil. Nos Estados Unidos surge uma novidade que pode deixar os mais tradicionalistas da redonda de cabelos em pé.

A Lions and Tigers and Squares, pizarria que leva criações de Detroit para Nova York, criou o prato com... mostarda.

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Apesar de substituir o molho de tomate por mostarda parecer uma ideia meio absurda, a receita ganhou fãs e os vídeos mostram que a combinação com queijo pode ficar bem interessante:

I have very rarely stumbled across this being done, certainly this is my first time seeing it in New York City: #mustardpizza. I know. It sounds crazy. But I?m a fan. As far as I can tell, and as I said a few weeks ago, mustard pizza was, if not invented at @papastomatopies invented nearby by a pizzeria since closed. Papa?s picked up the tradition... and voila. Here in Manhattan, it?s being done with #guldensmustard and extra cheese in Chelsea by @lionsandtigersandsquares. I?ve yet to hear the elaboration on the inspiration but am dying to hear how this came about. Mustard Detroit-style pizza is some kinda crazy Jersey-Michigan hybrid I have to wrap my head around. Unless... that is, this is also a Detroit thing I just don?t know about (Detroit pizza experts, weigh in please.) How is it? Friends and colleagues compared it to feeling like you?re eating a hot dog but without the hot dog. That?s a familiar refrain. When @nytimes wrote about it at Papa?s years ago, that?s pretty much what they said. I dig it. And everyone I offered a taste to loved it too. Or at least they told me they did and I said I had no horse in the game. My only note here is that at Papa?s they brush the dough with mustard and then add sauce. I really dig the mustard-tomato sauce combo... the acidity becomes much more nuanced and fun. Asked the manager if he?d do it that way for me next time and he said sure... so expect a follow-up post. ? #pizzacowboy #nycbestpizza #bestpizzanyc #detroit #detroitpizza #nylovesdetroitpizza #chelseapizza #chelseanyc #lunchpizza #sliceofheaven #pizza #eeeeeats #pizzafordays #pizzaislife #lionsandtigersandbearsohmy #lionsandtigersandsquares #lionsandtigersandsquaresohmy ================================== #pizzalovers #pizzas #pizza #ilovepizza #pizzalover #pizzaparty #pizzapics #pizzagram #pizzatime #ttpizza #hashtagpizza

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